About Us

Hertford Cycle Hub Community Interest Company (CIC) is a not for profit social
enterprise dedicated to supporting Cycling and Active Travel across the East
Hertfordshire District.

As an organisation, our aim is to encourage people to lead healthier lives, reduce short car journeys and C02 emissions through Cycling.

The branding started in 2019 via a one off project, since then the company was
officially registered and incorporated as a CIC in June 2020 to help combat issues arising from Covid-19.

Cycling has increased during covid-19, providing a critical lifeline to many
communities during a critical time. It is also a resilient mode of transport that can
continue to provide valuable benefits to communities in the future, too.
Therefore, we want to ensure Cycling is as inclusive to the whole community as possible! Hence, Hertford Cycle Hub was created to become the community Cycling hub in East Hertfordshire, providing services such as bicycle maintenance lessons, learn to cycle classes, led bike rides, bicycle hire, upcycling bicycles and much more.
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